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Tim Yewchuk - About
The sheer overwhelm that I faced early on as a business owner is something that still makes me cringe…although I can laugh about it now that it’s in the rearview mirror.
Back in 2012 I was running a team of 50+ people building custom truck bodies for the oil field.
It seemed like the pinnacle of complexity as every minute wasted would literally cost us thousands of dollars.
Being the competitive athlete that I was I stuck it out, working 70+ hours per week…
The downside which is far too common was that my relationships and health were slowly beginning to suffer.
Something had to give, and it wasn’t going to be my family.
So as life often works, I somehow found myself at a training event with a handful of the top team leaders in the world, where we built a car using this new agile method – and my world literally turned upside down.
I learned a ridiculously simple shortcut that enabled me to cut my workweek back by over 40 hours and create 12 self-managed teams within a month.
It’s simple, it works and it’s my mission to share it with other business owners and executives who are ready to get out of the hamster wheel and take things to the next level.
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Tim Yewchuk - About
Tim has dedicated the past decade to helping others attain unprecedented growth and freedom.
An entrepreneur from Edmonton, Tim has spent nearly 17 years scaling businesses and teams across multiple industries including manufacturing, biotech, equipment service, software and 3d printing.
While today’s fast-paced business environment can prove overwhelming for most entrepreneurs and executives, Tim’s simple, agile approach transforms slow moving cultures into nimble, proactive growth machines while freeing up time
As a certified digital marketer, scrum master, behavioural analyst and lean manufacturing expert – Tim has a depth of knowledge unlike most entrepreneurs and coaches.
In addition to running multiple 7-8 figure businesses, when he’s not helping other entrepreneurs scale, he can be found hanging out with his wife and 3 young kiddos.